What Is Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Therapy in Naples, FL?

September 7, 2018

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The field of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in Naples, FL seeks to cure injuries and disease by restoring the function of damaged organs and tissues. In other words, the techniques of this field are used to regenerate the body.

The concept behind regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy is to harness the body’s own power to heal itself. Using stem cells and other therapies, regenerative medicine attempts to accelerate the body’s natural processes to discover cures for previously incurable conditions.

This area of medicine has four main areas of focus.

Artificial Parts

Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy utilize medical devices and artificial organs to replace damaged tissue and cure illnesses. This technology is used to create new body parts by using a patient’s own cells and tissues. For example, doctors have developed new bladders to replace damaged ones. Synthetic devices or biohybrid organs are also being used to replace failed organs in patients. At times, this field provides devices that make transplants unnecessary. The results are life-changing.

Tissue Growth

Another focus of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in Naples, FL is tissue engineering. This process involves growing cells for a specific use. One example is heart valves. Many patients need heart transplants, but these surgeries involve a plethora of risks. With the use of regenerative medicine, doctors are able to grow cells to replace a heart valve with the patient’s own tissue. This eliminates the risk of rejection and the need for a matching donor. It’s possible that treatments could advance to the point where surgery isn’t even necessary.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are used by the body to repair damage. Doctors in the field of regenerative medicine are examining ways to utilize these stem cells to fight disease and restore health to various tissues and organs. The basic concept is to make use of stem cells to repair damage from trauma or disease. One potential being considered is the collection of stem cells from the umbilical cord at birth. These could possibly be stored for use later in life, when regenerative cells are needed. While this field has made many advances in recent years, in-depth research is still underway to reveal the full potential of stem cell therapy.


The final area of focus for regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in Naples, FL is clinical translation—in other words, the act of putting into practice the techniques developed in the lab. Researchers take therapies that have shown promise and put them into active trials. As the technology becomes accepted and is put into practice, it can have immense effects on patient care and the treatment available. Heart disease and diabetes are two of the main illnesses that could hugely benefit from the application of regenerative medicine.

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