What Conditions Can VAX-D Therapy Help, and How Long Will the Results Last?

March 14, 2019

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? If massage therapy, over-the-counter or prescription painkillers and other common remedies just are not cutting it, then you might want to consider VAX-D spinal decompression in Naples, FL. This cutting-edge treatment is growing in popularity, and we are proud to provide clients with a solution that has been proven to work, and to help improve lives.
That said, it is important to note that VAX-D spinal decompression does not work for every ailment that causes back pain. There are certain conditions that VAX-D is very effective at treating. Here’s a look at those conditions, and how long VAX-D lasts:

  • Herniated disc: Also known as a “slipped disc,” a herniated disc is the name for when the rubbery cushions, called disks, between the bones in your spine or back shift or slip. This can be an extremely painful and unfortunately common condition. VAX-D works by gently tractioning the discs back into alignment, without invasive surgery required.
  • Degenerative disc disease: Similar to a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease also is a problem with the rubbery cushions between the bones in your spine. As these discs wear and tear with age, movement can become quite painful. Some people turn to dangerously addictive prescription drugs to manage the pain, but VAX-D offers a more effective and long-term solution.
  • Posterior facet syndrome: Posterior facet syndrome is an issue with your joints, rather than with your discs. However, the end results are largely the same: serious pain for you, which only gets worse when you try to move around or have to sit in an uncomfortable position. Fortunately, many people find long-lasting, noticeable relief when they turn to VAX-D therapy for help.
  • Radicular pain: Radicular pain is usually cause by inflammation, compression or injury to your spinal roots. Because it is such a deep-rooted issue, this problem can be difficult to fix with invasive surgery. But VAX-D therapy has been proven to produce measurable results for many who suffer from this condition.
  • Longevity: Prescription drugs stop working as soon as they wear off. Surgery can sometimes be effective, but there is no guarantee the results will last. However, in a study of VAX-D therapy patients, 91 percent were still living pain-free lives four years after receiving treatment. Imagine four years (or more) free from the chronic pain that currently plagues your life! We cannot guarantee results, but we can tell you it is effective for the vast majority of people who try it.

Now that you understand what VAX-D therapy is used to treat, you have a better idea of whether you might benefit from this innovative solution. If you suffer from one of the conditions listed above, then you might be interested in learning more about how this therapy can work for you.
Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology is proud to be a leading source for VAX-D spinal decompression in Naples, FL. If you would like to learn more about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!

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