Why Did the ER Refer Me to a Chiropractor Rather Than Treating Me?

April 19, 2019

It is not unusual for emergency room patients who have been in auto accidents to be referred out to a chiropractor rather than to receive treatment from the ER physician. But why exactly does this occur?

Generally, it is the ER’s responsibility to stabilize patients when they’re in emergency situations, not to provide them with ongoing treatment. When we’re specifically looking at auto accident scenarios, it is common for the body to have its muscles tense up and become rigid during the impact, which puts the skeletal system at a higher risk of becoming misaligned. This, in turn, causes increased pressure on the nerves and increased risk of general dysfunction.

The reason the ER would refer a lot of these cases out to chiropractors is because chiropractors are experts in the musculoskeletal system. ER physicians will do what they need to do to stabilize your condition, and will likely give you medication to relax spasms and reduce the amount of pain you’re experiencing. However, after that, there’s not much they are responsible for doing.

Keep in mind there are advantages and disadvantages associated with taking the medications you’re given in the ER. Obviously they will reduce initial levels of discomfort, but it’s important to remember that they are not a solution in and of themselves—they will not repair any structural damage to your musculoskeletal system that resulted from the impact of your auto accident, which is why visits to an auto injury chiropractor in Naples, FL are necessary.

Benefits of working with a chiropractor after an auto accident

So, what are some of the benefits associated with visiting a chiropractor after you’ve been injured in an auto accident? Here are just a few examples:

  • The injuries might not be immediately apparent or obvious:
    There are some injuries that can easily be noticed after an accident, such as broken bones or lacerations. However, there are other injuries that might not manifest themselves until days or weeks after the accident, such as whiplash or other issues with the spine or joints. Visiting a chiropractor after an accident can make it easier to diagnose potential issues and begin treatment before the symptoms manifest or worsen.
  • Reduced inflammation:
    Small tears in ligaments and muscles are common in the wake of car accidents, and these won’t show up in an x-ray. Chiropractors can help your body naturally reduce its inflammation and pain symptoms.
  • No reliance on drugs:
    If you want to avoid having to rely on prescription or over-the-counter painkillers to get relief from the pain you feel, chiropractic care is one option you have. This can help you avoid the risk of addiction while also addressing the injury at the cause of the problem, rather than just masking the pain.
  • Better range of motion:
    If you suffer an injury in a car accident, the inflammation that occurs can cause problems with your range of motion. Working with a chiropractor allows you to better mobilize your spine and joints and restore that range of motion.

For more information about working with an auto injury chiropractor in Naples, FL, contact Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology today.

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