Can Chiropractic Treatment Help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

November 1, 2019

Have your hands and wrists started hurting way more than usual, or were you recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome? You may be wondering what you can do without resorting to surgery. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome in Naples, FL is a repetitive stress injury condition where the median nerve, which passes through a tunnel formed by the carpal or wrist bones, is interfered with. If one of the carpal bones “collapses,” nerve pressure, inflammation and pain result. Often overlooked in this repetitive strain condition is that the neck and upper back are repetitively strained also. The median nerve exits from between vertebra in the lower neck and travels to the hand. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is worsened by repetitive tasks. The tendons become swollen, and pinch the nerve. This is often present in office work, assembly lines and using hand tools. If your job requires precise, repetitive motion in your hands and forearms, you may be susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

Without drugs or surgery, chiropractic care through realigning the wrist bones and neck normalizes nerve function and has been very effective in helping carpal tunnel patients.

After x-rays and a physical examination confirm the existence of carpal tunnel syndrome in Naples, FL, a chiropractor will formulate a plan for treatment. This can include:

  • Manipulation of the arm and upper spine: While carpal tunnel syndrome often originates in the arms and wrists, a misalignment of the spine can also contribute to the nerve pain. A chiropractor will perform adjustments of the spine and arm as needed to alleviate the muscle pressure.
  • Ultrasound therapy: Chiropractors often use ultrasound therapy, either very high- or low-energy sound, to penetrate deep within the body tissue. These sound waves alleviate pressure on the nerve by relaxing the muscles and reducing inflammation. It has the added effect of relieving pain.
  • Wrist supports and other therapies: Wrist supports may be prescribed to keep the wrists in a better alignment during the patient’s repetitive work tasks. They can not only be used to correct carpal tunnel syndrome, but to prevent it.

Chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome in Naples, FL is a safe and non-invasive way of treating musculoskeletal injuries. While many doctors prescribe surgery to heal carpal tunnel syndrome, most of our patients would prefer to try everything possible before undergoing invasive treatment. Chiropractic treatment is proven to be effective at helping repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel, and it may be just as effective as traditional care.

As always, work with both your chiropractor and medical doctor to formulate the best course of action for you in treating your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment in Naples, FL

At Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology, we treat the root cause of your health issues, rather than just the symptoms. We use the most advanced technologies to treat pain and improve function. If you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in Naples, FL, contact us today to find out how we can help alleviate your pain.

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