How Regenerative Medicine Using Umbilical Cord Wharton’s Jelly Allograft Can Help Your Joint Pain

January 9, 2020

The use of stem cells in medicine has been, at times, a controversial therapy, but the results of regenerative medicine can be dramatic. Hospitals and healthcare providers across the country are offering regenerative stem cell joint therapy to help those whose bodies are resistant to standard healing practices.

If you’re interested in seeing what therapy with stem cells in Naples, FL can do for your joint pain, read on—and then reach out to Dr. Hiler at Feel Amazing Institute/ Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology to schedule a consultation.

What is stem cell joint therapy?

Stem cells are “building block” cells that can differentiate into other types of cells, self-replicate into more stem cells, reduce inflammation and fight cell death. This makes them incredibly versatile, and they have the potential to regenerate the type of cells that a particular body part may be lacking. The allograft tissue is injected into the joints and allowed to generate cells and growth factors the joint needs to reduce inflammation, repair, restore and regenerate damaged or dying cells. There’s no surgery involved, and very little pain, and it can take as little as one treatment to be effective.

The allograft containing stem cells and growth factors used in cell therapy at Feel Amazing Institute/ Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology are harvested from mother donors via the umbilical cords after a healthy C-Section delivery—never from fetal cells. They come from full-term c-section births, from mothers who have no history of substance abuse issues. The tissues are then rigorously tested in a lab following strict FDA guidelines. This makes them safe, clean, ethical.

How can regenerative cell therapy help me?

Joint problems often result from tears in the ligaments, tendons or deteriorating cartilage. As the tissues are damaged or deteriorate, it’s harder for joints to move smoothly, causing friction and resulting in pain. This can be debilitating, particularly when part of a chronic degenerative disease.

When the allographs rich in stem cells and growth factors are injected into the joints, they’re allowed to replace dead and/or damaged cartilage cells. They also can reduce inflammation within the joint (which causes additional pain) and can release cytokines, which slow further degeneration and help soothe joint pain.

Many patients find that this therapy is especially effective on their knees, which are one of the first places a person notices the signs of cartilage degeneration and joint pain—particularly if you are or ever have been an athlete.

Is regenerative cell therapy right for you? If you’ve been suffering from new or chronic joint pain, it’s worth inquiring further with an experienced professional to see if it can heal your joint issues.

Regenerative Medicine and Joint therapy in Naples, FL

Feel Amazing Institute/ Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology offers many options for joint therapy to our clients. We specialize in regenerative medicine that can change your life. Imagine what it would be like if you woke up without pain, and then call us to schedule your first appointment. Dr. Hiler has been treating the Naples, FL area since 2001 and guarantees a safe, cutting-edge approach to treatment that can reduce your joint pain dramatically. If you have questions about stem cells, growth factors, or any kind of regenerative medicine in Naples, FL, call us at 239-330-1000.

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