Discover the Top Five Benefits of Stem Cell Allograft Therapy

May 12, 2020

It wasn’t that long ago, relatively speaking, that science discovered the wonder of stem cells. These “blank slate” cells can generate replacement cells for types of tissue that don’t normally regenerate, like cartilage. This branch of regenerative medicine can prove useful for a number of different conditions, such as osteoarthritis, muscle tears and ligament tears, and can also help with increasing a patient’s range of motion. If you suffer from a chronic condition, stem cell therapy in Naples, FL may be right for you.

How it works

Stem cells are harvested from placentas and umbilical cords after a healthy c-section delivery. The cells, which are voluntarily donated by the mother, are part of the body’s “building blocks” while in utero—they develop into the body’s various types of cells, including hair, skin, organs and other varieties. However, they’re also able to replicate cells in adult tissue. Doctors inject stem cells into the site of an injury or chronic disorder to help repair and heal different types of tissue.

Benefits of stem cell therapy

Here’s a closer look at five of the biggest benefits associated with stem cell therapy in Naples, FL:

Virtually pain-free, with little recovery time: Unlike surgery, stem cell allograft therapy is nearly painless and does not require significant recovery time.

  • Avoid painful, expensive surgery: Surgery not only comes with days, weeks or months of recovery time, but there is also the risk of serious complications during surgery and recovery. In contrast, stem cell therapy is a minimally-invasive treatment. The stem cells themselves are ethically harvested and come from FDA-approved sterile labs. This minimizes your risk of complications.
  • No anesthesia required: Anesthesia can have problematic effects on patients, whether it makes them feel “off” for a period of time afterwards or they are simply anxious about losing consciousness. Since stem cell allograft therapy is not surgery and isn’t as invasive, it doesn’t require the use of anesthesia—another reason your recovery time will be so much shorter.
  • Completely safe and hygienic: There is very little to no risk of disease transmission from receiving stem cell injections. Labs screen for any possible issues with the cells well before distributing them to doctors and neurologists.
  • No risk of rejection: Unlike organ transplants and skin grafts, stem cell therapy does not run the risk of your body rejecting the new cells. The cells will regenerate into the desired type of tissue without any possibility of rejection or antigens.

As stem cell therapy advances, the possibilities of treating additional diseases and conditions increase, and since they are voluntarily donated from the byproducts of birth, they’re also an ethical and safe form of treatment. If you’re suffering from chronic pain and joint issues, stem cell therapy could be just what you need to finally see results.

Are you interested in exploring the benefits of stem cell therapy in Naples, FL? Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology/ Feel Amazing Institute offers stem cell allograft treatments to our patients. After an initial consultation, we will work with you to develop a course of treatment and outline what you can expect from the process. Call us today to book an appointment.

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