Top Conditions That Benefit from Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Allograft Therapy

May 19, 2020

Regenerative medicine is a relatively new branch of treatment that uses the body’s own cells or harvested stem cells to regenerate tissue and repair injuries or chronic conditions. For some, this can be the answer to years of painful treatments and chronic health issues. Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy are only growing in popularity in Naples, FL—could it be right for you? Here’s an overview of what it is and the types of conditions it can treat.

How stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine work

The basic principles of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine are the same: cells are collected, either from the patient themselves or from another source, such as donated umbilical cords and placentas from healthy c-section births. The cells are harvested, then screened in a lab for any potential issues, such as disease. Once cleared, the cells are injected into the site of an injury, whether it’s a chronic cartilage condition like osteoarthritis, torn muscles or ligaments or even bone conditions.

These cells can either come from platelet-rich plasma or stem cells. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are like concentrates of platelets. They are produced by the patient’s own blood, and are the type of cell responsible for blood clotting and aiding in the healing process. The platelets are collected, filtered and then injected into the site of an injury. This speeds up the body’s growth and healing process, sometimes helping make strides where other types of medicines were unable to do so.

Stem cells are typically harvested from the umbilical cords and placenta associated with a healthy c-section birth, although they can come from other sources as well. The tissue is voluntarily donated by the mother, then sent to an FDA-approved lab to be harvested and screened before the cells are distributed. Once the stem cells pass inspection, doctors can inject the cells into affected areas of the body. Stem cells are like building blocks—they have the ability to develop into other types of cells.

What can stem cells and regenerative medicine treat?

Both treatments are completely safe, minimally invasive and require little to no recovery time—and are excellent at helping treat chronic, painful conditions. This type of medicine can treat bone, soft tissue and cartilage problems like osteoarthritis, peripheral nerve pain (neuropathy), plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis, localized back and neck pain, sports injuries and tennis elbow.

To find out if your condition is a good candidate for stem cell allograft therapy or regenerative medicine in Naples, FL, visit Dr. Richard Hiler as soon as possible. The faster you get started, the better chance you’ll have of recovery.

Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in Naples, FL

To learn more about stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine at Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology/ Feel Amazing Institute, reach out to us today. We’ll set up a consultation to evaluate the efficacy of these treatments, then develop a plan for your healing. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and can’t wait to see your condition improvement with treatment!

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