The Biggest Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

August 17, 2020

Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves in many cases—but there are certain types injuries and degenerative conditions that heal very slowly on their own. Stem cell therapy (and regenerative medicine as a whole) aim to address injuries that may not be able to heal without medical intervention. Conditions like degenerative joint diseases, and cartilage, tendon, and ligament tears have been proven to respond well to stem cell therapy in Naples, FL.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cells can be harvested from the donated umbilical cord of healthy c-section deliveries. The stem cells are taken from the umbilical cord or placental tissue, medically screened and then delivered to doctors to use in stem cell therapy. These cells are capable of growing into different types of tissue and they also release growth factors which speed the healing process. So when they are injected into a joint or other area, they will then develop into and heal the surrounding kind of tissue, cartilage, ligaments and more.

Stem cells are the building blocks of all our tissue while in utero. From these simple cells develop heart, brain, lung and every other kind of tissue in the human body; injecting them into an adult body offers the opportunity to rebuild tissue that normally would not regenerate on its own.

Benefits of stem cell therapy

In addition to re-growing tissue that can’t regenerate naturally, stem cell therapy offers a lot of other benefits for patients:

  • Minimally invasive, and minimal pain: Stem cell therapy only requires simple injections at the site, which are nearly painless. This drastically reduces the recovery time that you would need if you underwent traditional surgery under general anesthesia. You may feel better in days, if not hours.
  • Helps avoid surgery: When you undergo surgery, you are signing up for additional risk and recovery time. Since stem cell therapy involves injections without anesthesia, you can rest assured that you’re avoiding many of the risks of surgery, and will be able to get back to your normal life faster.
  • No risk of rejection: There is no risk of your body rejecting the stem cells, unlike other types of transplants. Your body also will not create antigens as a response to the stem cell injections.
  • No need for anesthesia: Stem cell therapy uses simple injections to deliver the regenerative cells right where they need to go, which means you won’t need to go under anesthesia. Anesthesia carries its own risks (and extended recovery time), so it’s wise to avoid it whenever possible.
  • No risk of disease transmission: Since the harvested cells either come from rigorously screened placental and umbilical cells, there is no risk of picking up a disease from anyone else. The procedure is extremely safe.

If you’re suffering from a degenerative tissue disease, stem cell therapy might be right for you. To discuss your options and treatment, reach out to the team at Feel Amazing Institute/ Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology today to book a consultation with our experts. We’d love to help you determine if stem cell therapy in Naples, FL is right for you.

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