Got Text Neck? Chiropractic Care Can Help

October 26, 2020

If you’re reading this on a mobile device, it’s likely you’re craning your neck down to read it. After all, holding our phones and tablets up to our faces is weird and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the neck and shoulder pain that stems from bad screen time posture is even more uncomfortable in the long run.

Dubbed “text neck” in pop culture, thanks to the amount of time many of us spend texting, reading and playing games on our phones, this can lead to chronic pain, fatigue, headaches and jaw pain if left unaddressed. Yes, you can make lifestyle changes to mitigate damage—but if you’re like the majority of Americans, you spend about four hours per day looking at your phone. It’s hard to maintain perfect posture every time you go to answer your latest message.

Luckily, text neck is a condition that benefits from treatment at a chiropractic clinic in Naples, FL.

Do you have text neck?

Text neck is characterized by neck, shoulder and spine pain, thanks to our propensity for looking down at mobile devices. Your head weighs anywhere from eight to 12 pounds, and when you look down for hours at a time, it puts immense stress on the muscles and connective tissues in your neck. Studies estimate that 80 percent of Americans keep their cell phones in reach at all times, and spend multiple hours per day looking down at them.

If left unaddressed, text neck can develop into chronic pain. It’s crucial to not only make lifestyle adjustments, but also have a chiropractor assist you by providing spinal adjustments.

How to start reducing your text neck symptoms

Obviously, we can’t completely ditch our devices. They’re necessary for work, personal communications and entertainment. Here are three ways you can reduce your text neck symptoms:

  • Posture check: Check in with yourself periodically to see if you’re slouching or tilting your head down. Try setting hourly or half-hourly reminders on your phone until it becomes a habit. When you notice yourself tilting your head down, adjust your spine and neck until you’re able to work, read or chat comfortably.
  • Try keeping screens at eye level: You won’t always be able to hold your screen up at eye level, but this will help reduce pain and other text neck symptoms. If you love to watch movies and shows on your tablet or phone, get a phone stand that will hold the phone at a comfortable position. There are plenty of gooseneck adjustable stands and other options that will help you keep your neck in a stable position.
  • Take breaks: Screen time is not only bad for your neck and shoulders, it’s also bad for your eyes. Take technology breaks when you start to feel achy and bleary-eyed, and schedule regular stretching breaks every half hour or so. Bonus: it’ll help keep you feeling focused.

When you need a chiropractor to help you deal with text neck in Naples, FL, visit Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology. Call us today to book an appointment.

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