What Is Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy in Bonita Springs, FL?

May 4, 2021

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but in some cases, it needs a little (or a lot) of help. That’s why regenerative medicine is an increasingly popular type of medical treatment. Patients who previously had no hope of healing their conditions may have unforeseen success.

Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy uses the body’s healing techniques in Bonita Springs, FL. The use of stem cells and other regenerative therapies can accelerate the healing process and make it possible to recover from chronic ailments.

Here’s what you need to know about this promising field of medicine.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy uses ethically sourced stem cells—the “blank slate” of your body’s cells—to repair physical damage. In many cases, the body is unable to repair or regenerate certain types of tissue and other cells. Stem cells can be used to replicate those cells and encourage healing.

Stem cells are usually harvested from placentas and umbilical cords from healthy C-section deliveries. The stem cells are screened in an FDA-approved lab before being sent to doctors. While stem cell therapy is gaining in popularity, there are still many discoveries to be made and much research to be done. Expect to see more research and developments about stem cells in the coming years.

Artificial parts

Both regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy are helpful in developing medical devices and artificial organs. In some cases, stem cells and a patient’s tissues can grow entirely new body parts, like artificial bladders. They can also be used to create biohybrid devices—artificial parts that use both regenerative medicine and artificial parts to replace organs and other body parts. This reduces the need for transplants, and may even eliminate them in the future. That’s revolutionary, especially for patients on a transplant wait list.

Tissue growth

Similarly, tissue engineering can help replace damaged or missing tissue in the human body. Scientists can grow cells for specific uses, like heart valves. Instead of waiting on the transplant list for a new heart or valve, or using artificial parts, patients can receive a valve made from their own cells and tissue. Since many people reject their transplants—or have trouble even finding a donor match—this can help increase chances of survival and reduce the need for future surgeries. Some experts speculate that this branch of medicine may evolve to the point where surgery is no longer necessary.

Learn more about regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in Bonita Springs, FL

While there’s still plenty to discover about regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, some practitioners are putting it to use now. Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology has been successfully treating some ailments with stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine for years. If you have an issue that regenerative medicine can help, call us or visit our office in Bonita Springs, FL today. We can schedule a consultation so you can find out if these new developments are right for you. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

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