Chiropractic Care for Auto Injury Treatment? Yes, You Need It


In the seconds after a car accident, you’ll likely go through a full body check and feel instant relief when everything feels fine. However, the real damage to your body from an auto wreck comes long after you’ve taken your car to the mechanics. In fact, the long-term damage from whiplash often doesn’t reveal itself for several weeks after the accident, meaning you might miss the optimal treatment window before you even know anything is wrong.

To avoid this problem, it’s important to seek auto injury treatment after every car accident – no matter how minor. For car accidents in Naples, Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology will help your body get back to full health without leaving you with lingering symptoms.


Slamming into your seatbelt might save your life, but it inevitably leads to varying levels of whiplash that can cause lingering problems for the connective tissue in your upper back and neck. This damage can reveal itself through a wide variety of symptoms, including chronic neck pain, upper back and shoulder soreness, lower back pain or chronic fatigue.

Numerous factors in a car accident like your speed, direction, headrest position, body position, and seatbelt protection will all make a difference in the overall severity of your symptoms, making them almost impossible to predict. Your body also undergoes shock after an accident that works to numb you, meaning that you often won’t feel like anything is wrong until hours, even days later. For this reason, the best reason to avoid long-term pain after your accident is to seek chiropractic care right away.

Generally, the best time to see a chiropractor for auto injury treatment is within a few days of the incident. This ensures that your care provider can take an X-ray of your spine and see evidence of whiplash injuries, even if you haven’t experienced any symptoms yes. The less time that part of your spine is out of alignment, the easier it is to get it back to normal again.


When you meet with our team at Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology in Naples after a car accident, we will systematically go through your spine to see if anything is out of alignment from your wreck. We also have special Digital Motion X-rays that view your spine in motion to detect hidden muscle or ligament injuries. From there, we will use a variety of techniques like massage therapy, exercise therapy, and other treatment modalities to reposition and strengthen your back and neck so that you experience as few long-term symptoms as possible.

Remember, feeling fine is no indicator that you aren’t physically hurt after an accident. Book a consultation appointment with Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology today, and we will help you reduce your risk of suffering long-term complications from your wreck.

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