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I Hear Popping and Clicking in My Neck—Is This Normal?


Too many people assume that the pops, cracks and clicks they hear in their neck are simply a normal part of the aging process, or an unavoidable part of human existence. Unfortunately, however, pops and cracks in the neck are far from normal. In fact, they’re often symptoms of more serious conditions affecting the spine or central nervous system. The neck is one of the most important components of the body and of the central nervous system; neck pain is a serious problem that should never be overlooked.

Fortunately, it is possible for people to overcome neck pain and tension with the help of qualified chiropractic care. If you’re experiencing neck pain in Naples, FL, you should reach out to a trusted chiropractic professional. Receiving a consultation can help you diagnose the exact source of your neck pain or discomfort, and allow you to seek accurate treatment.

Some amount of cracking is to be expected. If it’s a regular occurrence, however, or if it’s accompanied by the following symptoms, you should consider reaching out for professional

Here are just some of the conditions that neck popping, cracking and pain may be indicative of:

Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology is a trusted chiropractic practice treating neck pain in Naples, FL, as well as a full range of other nervous conditions. We’re proud to offer comprehensive, holistic healthcare solutions to each and every one of our patients. You can count on us to treat you with the most cutting-edge chiropractic methodologies and practices available

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