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How to Prevent or Relieve Pain While Working at Your Desk

March 3, 2021

You’ve probably heard that sitting down all the time isn’t healthy—but for anyone with an office job, there’s not much you can do, except invest in a standing desk. Working at a desk can cause or exacerbate neck, back and shoulder pain. If you make some simple adjustments, however, you’re... View Article

A Brief History of Chiropractic Medicine

February 24, 2021

You might be familiar with the popping and cracking sounds that accompany your favorite spinal adjustment—and the immediate relief it provides—but do you know the history behind chiropractic medicine in Naples, FL? Starting in the late 19th century, chiropractic adjustments have been used to provide pain relief and improve mobility... View Article

Fun Facts About Chiropractic Care

February 17, 2021

No matter whether you’ve been going to a chiropractor for years or you’re getting ready to book your first appointment, there are probably a lot of chiropractic facts you didn’t know. Working with a chiropractor in Naples, FL can help treat the root cause of your back, neck and shoulder... View Article

Learn About Peripheral Neuropathy

December 7, 2020

There are some three million cases of peripheral neuropathy in the U.S. each year—especially here in Naples, FL, where our population skews older. It’s a condition caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, drug side effects, nutritional deficiencies, injuries or toxin exposure. It compromises your ability to walk and affects sleep, which makes... View Article

Address Common Conditions with Regenerative Medicine

November 30, 2020

Regenerative medicine refers to treatment that uses your body’s own tissue—or grafted tissue from the placenta or umbilical cord—to heal injuries and fight disease. We offer two regenerative medicine procedures at our clinic: platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy. One or both of these options may help you recover from... View Article

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