The Difference Between Prolotherapy, Prolozone and PRP Therapies

If you’re suffering from chronic illnesses, including chronic pain, your chiropractor may prescribe prolotherapy, prolozone or PRP therapy. These therapies focus on speeding up your body’s healing processes, whether from chronic illness or injury, as well as promoting overall wellness. Read on to get a closer look at these exciting treatment options.


When it comes to prolotherapy, prolozone and PRP therapy, prolotherapy is one of the oldest. In fact, this treatment, which is now referred to as regenerative therapy, was used by the ancient Egyptians to treat lame animals. In its modern form, prolotherapy is an injection that’s been used for more than 40 years to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. It works by injecting an irritant, usually a sugar solution, into a target area, like a tendon or ligament. The irritant promotes connective tissue growth and healing. While research is ongoing, studies have shown that people with osteoarthritis in the knee saw improvements from prolotherapy.


Prolozone combines prolotherapy, neural therapy and ozone therapy to promote healing in a targeted area. Anti-inflammatory medications, ozone, vitamins and minerals are injected into the affected area, and it’s believed that the nutrients bypass the body’s inflammatory response. The result is speedy healing without the added inflammation. Patients with osteoarthritis have shown marked improvement with this therapy. Ongoing research has shown that prolozone can have positive benefits for other conditions, too, including rotator cuff injuries, sciatica, sports injuries, chronic back pain and more.


PRP therapy is one of the newest techniques when it comes to regenerative medicine. This option consists of injections of a person’s own plasma. Your blood sample will be taken, then put into a centrifuge to separate it into separate components, including platelet-rich plasma. The plasma is treated and delivered by injection to a targeted area, and the healthcare professional performing the injection may use ultrasonic technology to precisely place the injections.

There are many advantages to PRP injections. Many patients who’ve received this therapy reduce their need for anti-inflammatories and, even more importantly, reduce their reliance on prescription medication like opioids. Since the injections are made from the patient’s own blood, there are very few side effects from treatment, as the body won’t reject what it already knows. 

PRP therapy can be used to treat a whole host of ailments, including alleviating chronic pain. Studies show that it’s also useful for repairing injuries and damage to tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. This treatment, while relatively new, is seeing a positive reception in the healthcare community and shows promising results for treating muscle and joint injuries.

Prolotherapy, prolozone and PRP therapy can be the solution to alleviating chronic pain or to speed healing from an injury. Ongoing research shows promising results when using these therapies combined with chiropractic treatments. Contact Feel Amazing Institute/ Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology today to learn more about recent advancements in regenerative therapies and how they can reduce pain, speed healing and enhance your quality of life.

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