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What Is Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Therapy in Naples, FL?

September 7, 2018

The field of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in Naples, FL seeks to cure injuries and disease by restoring the function of damaged organs and tissues. In other words, the techniques of this field are used to regenerate the body. The concept behind regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy is to harness the body’s own power to heal itself. Using stem cells and other therapies, regenerative medicine attempts to accelerate the body’s natural processes to discover cures for previously incurable conditions. This area of medicine has four main areas of focus. Artificial Parts Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy... View Article

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment through Stem Cell Therapy

August 20, 2018

Plantar fasciitis, or foot pain, is one of the most common causes of heel pain. Though many cases begin as sporadic pain during or after physical activity, foot pain that continues can greatly impact daily activities. There are various options when it comes to foot pain treatment. At Feel Amazing Institute/ Hiler Chiropractic and Neurology, we treat the source of the problem through stem cell therapy. Through stem cell therapy, we can address the pain and help repair the damaged tissue that is a result of plantar fasciitis. Our patients have experienced life-changing results at little cost and rehabilitation time... View Article

Stem Cell Therapy for Peripheral Neuropathy

July 20, 2018

There is no one way to treat peripheral neuropathy. Treatment options are determined based on the type of pain experienced by the patient and how they prefer to manage it. Some treatment options that are commonly offered, like over-the-counter pain medication, are prescribed to treat the pain only. These mask the symptoms until they progress but are not effective in treating the source. At Hiler Chiropractic and Neurology / Feel Amazing Institute, our approach is different. Our stem cell therapy for peripheral neuropathy is a safe and non-invasive option we offer that works to rebuild the damaged cells. What is... View Article

A Combined Approach to Treating Back or Neck Pain Including Stem Cell Therapy and VAX-D Decompression Therapy

July 13, 2018

What would your life look like if you didn’t feel your back pain every time you get out of the bed in the morning? What if you could straighten up without intense pain? If putting on your shoes and socks, or picking the morning newspaper off the driveway was not an excruciating task? Or what if the pain wouldn’t hinder you from enjoying a walk in the park, or a trip to the store? Low back or neck pain can set you back from minor chores, enjoyable daily activities, leisurely travel, and recreational sports. When it becomes chronic, it lowers... View Article

Using Stem Cell Therapy for Tennis Elbow Treatment

June 22, 2018

When it comes to treating tennis elbow, or elbow pain, the options are widespread. Elbow pain treatment ranges from using ice packs and anti-inflammatory medication for temporary relief, to more invasive techniques and even surgery. There is another option, however: Stem cell therapy. At Feel Amazing Institute / Hiler Chiropractic and Neurology, we approach elbow pain treatment by offering patients options that are non-invasive and long lasting. We use the most advanced technologies, like stem cell joint therapy, to both regenerate damaged cells and ease the pain. What is Tennis Elbow? Unlike the name commonly implies, this type of elbow... View Article

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