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Five Ways Stem Cell Therapy Makes Your Recovery Easier

November 23, 2020

Stem cell therapy uses a patient’s own stem cells—or stem cells donated from healthy c-section deliveries from the umbilical cord or placental tissue—to repair damaged tissues after an injury. Stem cells generate growth factors that accelerate replacements for cells lost through aging, injury or disease, making them powerful healing factors... View Article

Is Your Knee Pain Affecting Your Life? Stem Cell Therapy May Help

November 9, 2020

Joint pain affects millions of American adults across the nation, with knee pain coming in as the top joint malady. About a quarter of American adults experience knee pain—and the root cause is rarely addressed by traditional medicine. Thanks to advances in medical research and treatment, there’s now an innovative... View Article

Can Stem Cell Allograft Therapy Help Your Peripheral Neuropathy?

September 17, 2020

Peripheral neuropathy is a painful disorder that includes burning, tingling, numbness, itching and other pains in the extremities and limbs. Traditional medicine attempts to treat the pain—which is a result of damaged nerves—rather than the root cause of neuropathy. If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, your body is having trouble... View Article

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