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Scoliosis & Spinal Correction Treatment Program


Scoliosis Treatment

The conventional approach to scoliosis is to wait until a mild spinal curve become moderate or severe and then use a back brace 23 hours a day until the child stops growing. We don’t want to watch and wait. We start therapies as soon as a curve is detected, regardless of its size. Combining advanced therapies with specific chiropractic treatment and home exercises, our approach is non-invasive and very safe.

Our therapies can be performed in less than an hour a day, don’t require the patient to wear anything cumbersome and uncomfortable during their daily activities, and are actually designed to make the curves better, not just stop progression.

Our approach is so different because we are not just treating the spinal deformity, but the other factors that go along with it. Poor balance, forward head posture, nutritional special needs and neurological imbalance are almost universal among scoliosis cases, yet are ignored by other treatment approaches.

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