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Knee & Joint Pain Treatment


Living with knee pain is certainly not a pleasant experience. Not only is it debilitating, but it has the potential to cause issues that go well beyond your physical state. Unfortunately, if you have osteoarthritis (OA) or another form of severe knee pain, finding effective knee and joint pain treatment in Naples to manage it can be difficult.


When all else has failed, it’s important to know that there are other treatment options available. One such option is hyaluronic acid injections. These injections are essentially a form of knee and joint pain treatment that are often used when other options, like pain relievers, have been proven ineffective.

Knee & Joint Pain Treatment


What Exactly is Hyaluronic Acid?

In simple terms, hyaluronic acid is a substance that works by serving as a lubricant and shock absorber within your joints. It’s already found naturally within the body, although large amounts are often broken down and lost within individuals with osteoarthritis.Your body, and more specifically your joints, need hyaluronic acid for optimal functionality. If your joints do not have enough of it, the absence of an effective shock absorber means you can expect to experience regular stiffness and joint pain.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. When treatment is administered by a licensed and certified practitioner, hyaluronic acid injections have proven to be a very safe pain relief option. These injections are fully approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and have been used as a knee and joint pain treatment in Naples since 1997.As with any type of knee and joint pain treatment, there can be a few potential side effects. Mild bruising, soreness, and inflammation are all possible, especially for first time patients, as your body works to get used to the medication. Other than that, however, the fact that hyaluronic acid is already found naturally within the body ensures that side effects are limited.

How Is it Injected?

Hyaluronic acid is injected in the form of a solution or gel. The injection is given in the same way a normal shot would be and is injected directly into the knee joint.In most cases, you will receive a series of shots over a two to five week period. Injections are generally given one week apart in an effort to gauge their effectiveness.

How Effective Are Hyaluronic Acid Injections?

The overall effectiveness of these injections varies from patient to patient. It’s difficult to say exactly how well this particular knee and joint pain treatment will work for you. Based on past studies and the wide use of the method, however, a majority of patients do find that these injections work wonders to significantly reduce pain and stiffness within their joints.


If you’re dealing with osteoarthritis and have found that other treatment options are doing very little to ease your pain, hyaluronic acid injections at Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology may be the best option for you moving forward.

You don’t have to live with constant knee and joint pain. Get in touch with us, schedule a consultation, and let us help you decide the next step to ease your pain. We look forward to hearing from you and want you to know that we’re here for you on your journey to feel amazing!



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