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Shawn Edwards, DC

Chiropractor located in Naples, FL

About Dr. Edwards

Shawn Edwards, DC

Dr. Shawn Edwards is a chiropractic physician who has been practicing rehabilitative treatment methods for 26 years. This includes educating the Naples community on proper movement patterns that enable them to perform at higher levels with less pain than they ever imagined possible. His seminars include videos, animations and graphics so you will leave with a better understanding of how to help your nerves, muscles and skeleton work together for optimum performance.He has worked with athletes of all levels since becoming a chiropractor 26 years ago. He has always had a passion for exercise and physical rehabilitation. Thus, In addition to chiropractic, he incorporates “active care” in all of his care plans. This is not a “handout” that gets lost in the garbage. The report of findings includes a visual and verbal explanation of the patient’s postural and structural challenges. These significantly contribute to their condition. His treatment techniques utilize kinesiotaping, post isometric relaxation of the muscles and “physical exercises” to improve strength, restore balance and improve normal movement patterns of the musculoskeletal system.

He believes that education is just the beginning. A sincere desire to “keep learning” and a passion for what you do will become obvious. People will pay, travel distances and pass others up because it’s delivered with confidence, precision and “something” you just can’t read in a book.