How Can Chiropractic Help with Text Neck?

How are you reading this article right now? If you’re like millions of Americans, you’re probably reading it on your phone, tablet or laptop—which means you might be exacerbating your “text neck.” Read on for some more information about this condition from a chiropractor in Naples, FL


Text neck is the term doctors use to describe acute and chronic neck pain as a result of device usage. We often slump over and bend our necks to read on our phones and tablets, stretching the neck muscles improperly and causing long-term pain. Most Americans spend an average of four hours per day on our devices, and 80 percent report neck and shoulder pain. It’s not a coincidence.

Your posture makes a huge difference in your spinal comfort. When you’re slouched over a screen for hours at a time, your neck and shoulder muscles are strained in unnatural ways. Over time, they lose strength as they begin to adjust to this position, making it more difficult to maintain good posture in general. In fact, the farther you lean forward, the heavier your head seems to the rest of your body—even a 30-degree slump can make your neck and shoulders strain as if it weighed 40 pounds.

It’s not just neck and shoulder pain that you have to worry about, either. Text neck can lead to pinched nerves, which lead to sinus issues, headaches, thyroid problems, fatigue, vision problems and breathing issues.


In many cases, lifestyle adjustments will go a long way toward relieving the symptoms of text neck. For example, you can limit your screen time, making sure to take plenty of breaks throughout the day. You can also keep books and screens at eye level—there are many stands and holders for devices that will alleviate the strain on your neck and shoulders. Of course, being conscious of your posture (spine straight, chin up, shoulders back) is helpful, too.

However, sometimes the damage is already too advanced for lifestyle adjustments alone. In those situations, visiting your chiropractor is the best way to ensure that your text neck doesn’t become a lifelong condition.

Chiropractic treatment for text neck in Naples, FL involves correcting your spinal alignment. This can be done in a number of different ways, including manual adjustments (physically moving the muscles back to their normal location), massage, heat or infrared treatment and suggesting other lifestyle changes. Typically, your chiropractor will take an x-ray of your neck and spine to determine the exact location and nature of the problem, then proceed to perform one or more therapies to relieve pressure on the discs and nerves.

Many people feel results in the first session, although you may need more, depending on the severity of your text neck and any complications.

To schedule your own chiropractic consultation in Naples, FL, call Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology today. Our team is dedicated to helping people live better, pain-free lives through minimally invasive, effective procedures.

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