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How Does VAX-D Spinal Decompression Work?

Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology is Florida’s leader in VAX-D spinal decompression treatment. We have performed more than 25,000 such treatments since 2005, making us one of the most experienced sources for this therapy you will find in the region.

VAX-D spinal decompression in Naples, FL is a type of spinal rehabilitation program for people who suffer from various conditions of the spine. The program employs an FDA-approved non-surgical decompression therapy that focuses on decompressing the discs in the back. Research indicates pain relief can come from decreasing the amount of pressure put on the discs, which helps areas where there are herniated or bulging disc material to be put back into their proper place.

Ligaments that hold this disc material in place can become torn or stretched as well, as a result of this herniation or bulging. Therefore, spinal decompression treatments can also help relieve those ligament bands that exist to hold the disc material in place, allowing them to heal in a way that will help prevent future recurrences of the issues.

Bulging discs resulting from built-up pressure can ultimately lead to a disc rupturing or herniating. The most common symptoms you’re likely to experience if you have a bulging disc include pain or nerve symptoms just about anywhere along the spine, from the buttocks all the way up to the neck. Some people may even experience pain or numbness in their extremities.


True decompression is meant to reverse the pressure that has built up inside a disc in the back, creating a sort of vacuum. The disc gets regenerated through the process of rehydration, which allows for increased collagen production inside the disc fibers. The reversed pressure works to essentially suck the disc back into its normal position to relieve the pain and improve overall spinal health. This program, combined with core strengthening, helps to provide a healthier, more stable, younger-feeling back.

At our clinic, we offer the most comprehensive and intensive program to get the best possible outcomes for people who suffer from negative spine-related conditions. We combine this decompression process with some other physical therapies to give a more holistic treatment. These therapies include core strengthening to strengthen the muscles that hold up the spine, neuromuscular reconditioning, bracing, gentle chiropractic treatments, nutrition, and various home exercises.

Every program we put together gets tailored specifically to the needs of each individual patient. We also offer a free report and consultations for anyone interested in the VAX-D treatment or our other chiropractic services.

If you’re interested in learning more about VAX-D spinal decompression in Naples, FL and how this treatment can benefit you, we encourage you to contact Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have for our team. We look forward to meeting with you. Call 239-330-1000.

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