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My Kid Is Always Slouching and Hunching Over—Can Chiropractic Help Correct Their Posture?

Society has made us think that the hunched-over, slumped teenager is just part and parcel of the teen years—in some cases it is, but in others, your child might literally be unable to stand up straight. Good posture is essential for good overall health. It helps us sit, walk and perform daily activities with the least amount of strain being put on our musculoskeletal system.

Your child’s posture is a good indication of their spinal alignment, and if you’re noticing that they seem a bit hunched over, that could indicate a problem. As your child grows and develops, their posture is very important. Uncorrected poor posture can result in adult symptoms such as severe back pain, neck pain and headaches. With proper spinal rehabilitation and chiropractic posture correction in Naples, FL, your child’s poor posture can be dramatically improved.


Depending on how long your child has overcompensated with bad posture, treatment may take longer—but chiropractic medicine can indeed help your child correct their posture.

Bad posture happens when poor alignment of the muscles—for example, leaning over at the waist for desk jobs or playing video games on the computer for hours on end—allow important postural muscles to relax improperly. This can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as headaches. If your child has been complaining of any of these symptoms, plus appears to be hunched over or in pain, you should seek chiropractic treatment for them. They may also have a significant forward head carriage that indicates their muscles and joints are out of alignment.

Your child’s chiropractor will check for signs of imbalance in your child, like a tilted pelvis, or one shoulder that’s higher than the other. They can also help with a hunchback or scoliosis. Through a series of adjustments, they’ll help relieve pressure and allow the postural muscles to fall back into their normal place. This will allow your child to stand up straight, pain-free. It also releases undue pressure on ligaments and prevents further muscle overuse or strain. The joints will be gently moved back into alignment, allowing your child to move without pain. It also decreases the possibility of abnormal joint wear and helps your child conserve energy, since their muscles will be used more efficiently.

Overall, your kid will feel healthier and happier with some steady, targeted chiropractic treatment to help correct their bad posture.


If you are in need of a highly experienced chiropractor to help with posture correction in Naples, FL for your child, look no further than Hiler Chiropractic & Neurology. Since 2001, we have served the Naples area with highly skilled care. We’re constantly learning and growing, so we always have the most up-to-date techniques to serve you and your family. If your child needs posture correction, bring them to our chiropractic office to get them the best help available. Contact us today to arrange a consultation or schedule your first appointment!

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